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       ILO Solutions
We serve to all kinds of business


Our Business Center are built to cater all kinds of companies no mater how big or small.

  • Independent professionals.

  • Companies that are in the process of growing or moving.

  • Companies that require immediate operations at low cost.

  • Branching companies.

  • Companies that want or need presence in Mexico.

  • Companies that require some privacy in meetings.

  • New companies.

  • Especial projects.

  • Possibilities are endless.

     The big Advantage with ILO:

  Start working immediately
  Prestigious addresses
  Use the services that you need
  Pay only for those services you need
  Contracts as long as you need
  You do not have to pay for new equipment
  Flexible contracts
  Peace of mind knowing that you are with professionals
  Having ALL the services in our infrastructure
  Save on taxes

  You do your business We do the rest


Every company is different that is why we carry a wide rage of possibilities....

 - International companies with well established  headquarters 
 - Real state companies
 - Book industry
 - Insurance companies 
 - Distribution agencies
 - Private detectives
 - Hotel industry
 - Attorneys
 - Notaries
 - Tech support companies
 - Tax advisors
 - Clubs and associations
 - Exporting companies
 - Architects
 - Independent contractors
 - Regular people that need our services


Medium & Large Business
Known in Mexico as PYMES the small business has a very special place in our company because we give you a wide range of opportunities and services at low cost.      

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As easy as making hotel reservations



Personas Morales
1. Copy of  Acta Constitutiva de la empresa
2. Notary power authorizing signatures
3. Personal ID
4. Copy of  Cédula de Identificación Fiscal or Copy of  Alta ante la SHCP
5. Proof of address
6. Bank statements or references
7. Signed contract with us
8. Signed R2 Form  (on guaranty)

Personas Físicas
1. Copy of  Cédula de Identificación Fiscal or Copy of  Alta ante la SHCP
2. Personal ID
3. Proof of address
4. Bank statements or references
5. Signed contract with us
6. Signed R2 Form  (on guaranty)

Pay when you sign the contract
• Two months on deposit
• On virtual office: three months deposit
• One month on advance


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                  Contact Us

Phone 52 (55) 1105 0505

Fax. 52 (55) 1105 0503

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